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Content edit of adult fiction (not chick-lit, romance or hard-core crime). Price per hour (approx. 30 pages).

Content edit of children's fiction inc. YA. Price per hour (approx. 30 pages) or a whole picture book.

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   I am a British writer and editor with over a decade of experience in the UK book market. I have a wide knowledge of all fields of publishing, have featured at conferences, given talks and seminars on what appeals to fiction readers, and hold an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University. I am available to critique fictional writing via the PeoplePerHour website or you can buy from me directly (see bottom right of page).

   What I offer is content editing, which differs from proofreading (or copy-editing). Content editing considers the story as a whole. It looks at plot, pacing, tone, character development, structure, target audience suitability etc. It is a vital process that comes before the proofreading which looks more for technical errors just before the book goes to print.

   A proofreader is not a content editor and vice versa. If you do need a proofreader I can heartily recommend Johanna Robinson at Ascribe Editing.

   As a writer if you want your work to be taken seriously, content editing is a vital step - especially if you plan on self-publishing and no one else has even seen the book! Often a writer is so close to their own story that they can't see where it needs a little help. Friends are useful for support but when it comes to industry-level constructive criticism you need someone with knowledge and experience. This is where I come in.

   I will produce a report for you that delivers both specific comments on the manuscript and more general thoughts on the story overall. This will not only help you with your current book but will also improve your writing skills in general. I won't pander to your desires to be the-next-big-thing, but I will give you practical and useful advice on how to make your book and your voice as professional as possible.

   There are many people out there who claim to be able to do this for you but sadly they are not all genuine. It can be hard to entrust your work to a stranger on the internet but I hope you will be reassured by my 100% positive feedback (see Testimonials).

   What I edit:

     * Picture books.

     * Children's books.

     * YA books.

     * Adult mass market books (although not romance, chick-lit or hard-core crime).

   I am also nice and friendly to deal with :-)


30 page manuscript critique
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