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Content edit of adult fiction (not chick-lit, romance or hard-core crime). Price per hour (approx. 30 pages).

Content edit of children's fiction inc. YA. Price per hour (approx. 30 pages) or a whole picture book.

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  I'm a published British writer and editor with over a decade of experience in the UK book market. I have a wide knowledge from all fields of publishing, have featured at conferences, given talks and seminars, and hold an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University.

  I am available to WRITE original creative fiction as a ghostwriter or under my own name, specialising in children's literature but also adult mass-market, esp. fantasy / sci-fi.

  Also I critique fiction as an experienced EDITOR offering structural and line editing. This is different from what a proofreader / copy-editor offers. I act as a mentor to authors, helping them develop their art.

  I work for a number of professional agencies but am also available to hire independently; just send me a message.

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Sample Edit - 30 pages for 30
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